Northeastern Minnesota Hiking

With over 320,000 acres of the Superior National Forest and the glacial ridges of the Laurentian Divide, the Iron Trail is one of the most scenic hiking destinations in the Midwest. Over 175 miles of hiking trails and pristine wilderness offer hikers a truly memorable and diverse experience. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just looking for an afternoon walk in the forest, we offer trails to fit everyone’s experience and adventure. View soaring eagles, explore rushing river gorges and scenic lake trails, enjoy plump blueberries or walk through giant stands of three-hundred-year-old white pine trees. Sighting a moose or bald eagle is a common experience here. The area is home to 155 nesting birds and 40 species of wildlife. Fall brings unbelievable autumn colors and fresh fragrance to our forests; perfect for an afternoon hike.

Popular casual recreation trails include Bear Head Lake State Park, Big Aspen Recreation Area, McCarthy Beach State Park, Laurentian Divide, Lookout Mountain, Giants Ridge, and Carey Lake. The Mesabi TrailSM is a paved trail that currently spans over 70 miles. Access points are available in the Iron Trail communities in Hibbing, Chisholm, Buhl, Mt. Iron, Virginia, Eveleth, Gilbert, Biwabik and Aurora. The trail provides an unbelievably scenic walk or leisurely evening stroll between communities. There is a 50 mile continuos trail paved between Nashwauk and Eveleth on the Iron Trail.

Wilderness trails such as Bird Lake, Otto Harris Lake, Peloquin Wildlife Management Area, Thistledew Lake and Sturgeon River provide great outdoor adventure. The Superior National Forest Scenic Byway from Silver Bay to Hoyt Lakes offers traveler’s many easy walking trails, wildlife viewing impoundments and great direct access to unbelievable wilderness scenery. Make sure to bring a camera and binoculars.

Contact phone numbers are listed on the hiking grid below for individual maps and specific information.

For all the paths you travel in life, make sure some of them are dirt. We remind you, take only pictures and leave only footprints and enjoy our nature and hiking trails. We invite you to discover why the Iron Trail is “A Great Way to Getaway!”

Hiking Trail Location Miles


Bear Head Lake State Park Soudan 17


Big Aspen Britt 20 218-229-8800
Big/Stone Lake Hoyt Lakes 2 218-229-8800
Bird Lake Hoyt Lakes 9 218-229-8800
Camp Four Lake Buhl 0.3 218-229-8800
Carey Lake Hibbing 10 218-263-8851
Deepwater Lake Chisholm 2.4 218-229-8800
Hoyt Lakes Hoyt Lakes 3.4 218-225-2344
Jenkins Creek Hoyt Lakes 4 218-229-8800
Lookout Mountain Virginia 15 218-229-8800
North Dark River Virginia 2 218-229-8800
McCarthy Beach State Park Side Lake 18 218-254-7979
Otto/Harris Lake Hoyt Lakes 8 218-229-8800
Peloquin WMA Nashwauk 6.5 218-327-4240
Pfeiffer Lake Virginia 3 218-229-8800
South Dark River Virginia 2 218-229-8800
St. Louis River Hoyt Lakes 4 218-229-8800
Sturgeon River Chisholm 20 218-229-8800
Thistledew Lake Togo 13.4 218-327-4240
Wynne Lake Biwabik 4 218-229-8800
Whiteface Reservoir Makinen 2.5 218-229-8800
White Pine Interpretive Toimi .2 218-229-8800
Mesabi TrailSM Land of Mesabi 70 877-637-2241
Giants Ridge Golf & Ski Resort Biwabik 65 800-688-7669