Mining Attractions on the Iron Trail

The Iron Trail is located on the Mesabi Iron Range, one of the largest bodies of iron ore in the world. Mining exploration began in the mid 1800s by such men as Nelson Rockefeller, the Merritt brothers, and Andrew Carnegie.

Today, you can travel ½ mile into the earth on underground mine tours, experience active open pit mine tours and visit historic sites & museums that depict mining on the Iron Trail from the mid 1800s until now.

Stand next to 240-ton, 21-foot high trucks, electric shovels (so large they can fit a 4X4 truck in their bucket) and view 500-foot deep grand ore canyons that stretch three miles long. You’ll also have the opportunity to take pontoon boat tours of “mine lakes” while surrounded by 200-foot high cliffs.

You’ll experience the early life of an immigrant miner and discover historic sites and museums with costumed interpreters, interactive exhibits and historic artifacts dating back to the early 1800s.

We invite you to discover why the Iron Trail is “A Great Way to Getaway.”  You’ll take home memories that will last a lifetime.

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