George Washington State Forest

At the George Washington State Forest you’ll find northern coniferous forests including scenic stands of red and white pine, fir, spruce, and tamarack, as well as mixed hardwood forests of aspen and birch. The woodlands are home to white-tailed deer, black bears, fishers, pine martens, snowshoe hare, bald eagles, and a multitude of songbirds like the black-throated green, black and white, chestnut-sided and bay-breasted warblers. Watch for northern specialties like red-breasted nuthatches, pine siskins, gray jays, rose-breasted and evening grosbeaks.

Maintained gravel forest roads here are the Holstrom, Link Lake, O’Leary and Roller Coaster Trails. Watch for the tracks and scats of timber wolves along gravel roads and forest logging trails. The scats, or droppings, are typically identified by their composition of deer hair. Try howling on nighttime excursions; wolf howl imitations or recordings may bring a response from a nearby pack.

Boat or canoe outings on Deer, Thistledew, Bear, Bass, Coon, Larson, Stingy and Round Lakes can provide photo opportunities for river otter, ospreys, great blue herons and belted kingfishers, as well as common loons, common mergansers and common goldeneyes.

NOTE: The best time of day here is just after dark to hear wolves. Wolves will respond to taped or human produced wolf calls. Hunting is allowed in this area. Call ahead for hunting season dates.

Directions: Drive north on Highway 65 from Nashwauk to Highway 1 West. Take Highway 38 north from Grand Rapids to Highway 1 East.

To learn more, visit the George Washington State Forest DNR website.

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Maps: MN. Highway Coordinate: J 6/7, K 6/7
Prim Area: Big Fork and Lake Vermilion
Delorme MN. Atlas Grid #: 74 A/B-1/2

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George Washington State Forest
Nongame Wildlife Program
1201 East Hwy 2
Grand Rapids, MN 55744