Kaleva Hall

Kaleva Hall, formerly known as Temperance Hall was a Finntown landmark back in the early 1900’s. The Virginia Temperance Society used the hall to provide newly arrived immigrants from Finland an uplifting social outlet. The hall was later sold to the Ladies and Knights of Kaleva, but it still stands as a memorial to the Finnish Temperance Society’s part in history.

Kaleva Hall is registered as a historic site on both state and national registries. The outside brickwork has been repaired, new windows and doors and the front of the hall have been restored to its original state. New drapes, 150 new chairs, as well as painting of the distinctive metal paneling that has become trademark of the hall, bring life to this nearly century old building.

The Kaleva organization provides members cultural ties to their Finnish heritage and also tries to adhere to the same moral and spiritual standard which the Finnish Temperance Society once held.

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