Iron Ore Miner Statue

Chisholm’s Iron Man Statue was built as a tribute to the iron ore miners of the Mesaba, Cuyuna and Vermilion Iron Ranges of northeastern Minnesota. It is a reminder to travelers of who provided this country with iron ore to win two world wars and help build the United States.

The idea for a statue to honor the miners began in 1947. Finally, in 1976 the idea became a reality. Dedication to the site was held July 4, 1987. The Iron Man Statue, including the base, is 81 feet high. The base is constructed of Corten Steel that turns red with exposure, and weighs 150 tons. Iron Man’s shovel weighs 400 pounds, and each of his boots weighs 220 pounds. Created by sculptor Jack Anderson of Lake Linden, Mich., the Iron Man is constructed of copper, bronze and brass sheathing over a welded angle iron and stainless steel body.

The statue, which marks the west entrance to Chisholm, is the third-largest freestanding statue in the nation, coming in behind the Statue of Liberty and the Arch of St. Louis.
Directions: Located on Highway 169 across from Ironworld Discovery Center in Chisholm.
Admission FREE admission. The site is open year-round.

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Iron Ore Miner Statue
Hwy 169
Across from Ironworld Discovery Center
Chisholm, MN 55719