Iron Range Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area

Gilbert is home to Minnesota’s first designated state recreation area for off-highway vehicles (OHV) and all-terrain vehicles (ATV). This park features more than 1,200 acres of recreation trails, scramble areas, training, hill climbs, rock crawls, special events. This northern Minnesota OHV facility is for use by off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, and

4×4 Jeeps and trucks. This park is open to the public for recreational riding and will also host state and national competitive events.

Some areas offer a view of northern Minnesota from 200-foot-high mountains of ore that stretch more than 20 miles. More than approximately 30 miles of trails are available, along with a six-bay wash area.

Managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN-DNR), the park also features safety training and practice facilities for riders of various skill levels. In this Northern Minnesota Park, OHV trails and areas are signed with the degree of difficulty for users. There will be no charge for admission, but off-road vehicles must be properly registered for off-road use and be equipped with standard safety equipment and a muffler.

Areas for activities and special events include a multi-purpose event area, 4×4 rock crawl and obstacle course, tough-truck competition course, sand and mud drags, hill climbs, motorcycle track, observed trails, snowmobile events, bicycle motocross or mountain bike events and more.

Planning and land acquisition are currently underway for a proposed 3,500 acre addition to the OHV Park located just east of Virginia.
OHV Park Hours:
May 1 to October 31:
8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. or one hour before sunset, whichever is earlier

November 1 to April 30:

Friday-Sunday only
8:00 a.m. – one hour before sunset
ATV rental is now available at Adventure Rental in Gilbert. For more information please call 218-741-7762 or to visit
To learn more, visit the OHV Park Website.
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Iron Trail Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area
Gilbert, MN