One Day Sample Itinerary

8 a.m.

Wake up to the delicious taste of pastries at Sunrise Bakery in Hibbing including an Iron Trail favorite ethnic treat potica (po teet sa). (20 minutes)

8:20 a.m.

Drive by music legend Bob Dylan’s childhood home, on the way to the historic school that Dylan, and basketball star Kevin McHale graduated from. Then, Arrive at the historic **Hibbing High School constructed more than 80 years ago. A grand staircase will lead you into the foyer, accented with hand-molded ceilings. The breath-taking auditorium was designed after the Capital Theatre in New York City. Cut-glass chandeliers of Belgium crystal light the 1800-velvet seat grand auditorium. (30 minutes)

9:20 a.m.

Travel on a fascinating journey through time at the birthplace of the bus industry in the United States. The story of the Greyhound Bus comes alive at *Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing through hundreds of artifacts and memorabilia. Historical buses displayed include a 1927 White, a 1936 Super Coach, a 1947 GMC Coach, 1948 Silverside, a 1956 Scenic cruiser and a 1982 MCI-9. (1 hour)

10:30 a.m.

View the biggest operating open pit iron ore mine in the world the *Hull Rust Mahoning Mine View in Hibbing expanding more than three miles long, two mile wide and 535 feet deep. This man-made “Grand Canyon” of the north is a National Historic Site. (30 minutes)

11:15 a.m.

Experience the heritage of Northeastern Minnesota at **Ironworld Discovery Center in Chisholm. The Iron Range’s rich cultural, ethnic and mining history comes alive as costumed interpreters portray life of pioneers and immigrants, as you sample delicious ethnic foods and while you enjoy ongoing special events, and arts & crafts. (3 hours with lunch)


An electric trolley ride will take you along the edge of the Glen Mine pit lake to the Glen Location where you will enjoy “Pasties in a Pail,” like the miners used to eat. Early homesteads, costumed performers, storytellers and music will accompany your journey.

2:30 p.m.

View the world’s third largest freestanding statue in the United States, the Iron Miner Statue. Standing 81 feet tall this bronze and steel statue pays tribute to all those who worked in the early ore mines. (10 minutes)

2:45 p.m.

Climb aboard oversized mining equipment used to mine the Mesabi Range’s rich iron ore at the *Minnesota Museum of Mining in Chisholm. Imagine becoming the operator of one of the fastest steam shovels ever made, a rare 1910 Atlantic, tour replicas of an underground mine, mining town, or view a 127-ton WABCO Electrohaul truck, a 1930’s dump truck or a 1907 steam locomotive. (1 hour)

4 p.m.

Recline comfortable while viewing the night sky inside the planetarium, or watch a stunning large format 70 mm movie on the 40-foot dome. Wherever you journey at the **Paulucci Space Theatre in Hibbing – deep into outer space or into the core of an erupting volcano – you will feel if you are actually right there. (1 hour)

5:10 p.m.

Depart for Iron Trail hotel and a tasty dinner at one of the area’s fine dining establishments or a special themed dinner at your hotel.

*Group tour guide available by appointment
**Tour guide recommended for groups. Available by reservations.

Step-On Guide Services

Ironworld Discovery Center
Julie Brownell
Highway 169
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Entire Iron Trail
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City of Hibbing
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