The Iron Trail region is blessed with 320,000 acres of the Superior National Forest, three state forests and 500 lakes, rivers and streams that provide hunters and sportsmen with a perfect habitat for the growth and management of wildlife. Over 42% of Northeastern Minnesota is public land and open to different types of hunting at various times under the guidelines of the Department of Natural Resources and the United States Forest Service. Fall grouse hunting is the most popular activity among visiting sportsmen. However, you’ll find many guests also travel to the region to hunt bear, moose, white-tailed deer, and waterfowl in our true wilderness setting. The beauty of the land and its wildlife habitat will take your breath away. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the trophy buck of your dreams or a large Bull Moose come through the forest. The migration patterns and shear numbers of our ducks and geese will amaze you. There’s nothing better to a grouse hunter than walking along a clover covered old logging road in the morning and seeing a sitting covey of grouse eating clover and pebbles. Every bear hunter dreams about a 500-pound black bear in their sites.

Guide services are available for some outdoor hunting activities and some lodging properties offer special packages or group rates for hunters and sportsmen, depending on the season. We encourage all visiting sportsmen to leave only footprints and bestow this great pristine wilderness area onto another generation of sportsmen for them to enjoy just as you do today. We invite you to polish your guns and grab your hunting gear and come, take advantage of our good nature!™

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